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Biography of Dave Rieck aka Pokey the Clown

Dave Rieck has been a professional clown since 1956
when he was six years old.  At that time his father,
(Hokey), needed a fourth clown to fill out his troupe.  
Dave was recruited and a clown was born.  He was
trained in the craft by his father and also by watching
Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus.  He was
most influenced by Emmett Kelley and Lou Jacobs.  Over
the past 50 years he has clowned all over the United
States and in Japan, Korea, Australia, the Philippines,
Mexico and most recently in Macedonia.  He w
ent there
on a mission trip to do a youth camp and fell in love with
the people and the country.  He has trained many clowns
through his mission clown college and one year had
clown missionaries in 18 different countries.

Dave's love for clowning led him to be the resident clown
for Spirit West Coast for ten years.  He also has
entertained at Applebee's restaurant in Redding for eight
years and at Logan's Roadhouse in Chico for three years.  
He is most recognized in northern California as the clown
on the Bigfoot Recycling commercials on television.

Dave is the pastor of the Durham Co
mmunity Church (The
Adobe Church)
which is a ministry of the United
Methodist Church.